Make Music Part of Your Health

Helping You


Emily is a graduate of the Baldwin Wallace Music Conservatory. She received her Bachelor of Music with a major in Music Therapy (Vocal Performance) and a minor in Healthcare Administration. Additionally, Emily completed the Music Therapy Summer Course at the University of Heidelberg in Germany where she learned comparative approaches for music therapy.

How may I help you?

“Where words fail, music speaks.”
― Hans Christian Andersen


Hospice Services

Emily has served in several hospice settings and has also authored proposals for new Music Therapy programs in hospice.


Pain Management

The Joint Commission, a hospital accreditation system, in 2018 acknowledged music therapy as a non-pharmacological treatment to manage pain. Let me help you take advantage of music therapy for pain management.


Human Development

Emily began her journey into healthcare service as a volunteer among her fellows high school students who suffered from Autism. She continued on as a paid caregiver for several clients.

Work With Me

At Baldwin Wallace I reinforced my belief in the power of music with lectures, clinicals, and my own research paper. I do not know where the Music Therapy will take me in the changing world of healthcare but I do know it has been an amazing trip so far!