Make Music Part of Your Health

Helping You


Emily is a graduate of the Baldwin Wallace Music Conservatory. She received her Bachelor of Music with a major in Music Therapy (Vocal Performance) and a minor in Healthcare Administration. Additionally, Emily completed the Music Therapy Summer Course at the University of Heidelberg in Germany where she learned comparative approaches for music therapy.

How may I help you?

“Where words fail, music speaks.”
― Hans Christian Andersen


Hospice Services

Emily has served in several hospice settings and has also authored proposals for new Music Therapy programs in hospice.


HIPAA Compliance

An area where Music Therapists can further improve and be a complementary partner in healthcare is proper privacy and security. HIPAA is not only a good framework for this but is also Federal Law for Covered Entities, including healthcare providers like Music Therapists.


Pain Management

The Joint Commission, a hospital accreditation system, in 2018 acknowledged music therapy as a non-pharmacological treatment to manage pain. Let me help you take advantage of music therapy for pain management.

Work With Me

At Baldwin Wallace I reinforced my belief in the power of music with lectures, clinicals, and my own research paper. I do not know where the Music Therapy will take me in the changing world of healthcare but I do know it has been an amazing trip so far!